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The Perfect Grill - We are often asked...

Before we can make the Grill, we need a clean impression. Come to our practice or go to your dentist and ask them to take a Silicone double mix impression of your teeth. Then send us the impression well packaged.

You can also use our Silicone-Kit from our Shop. You can find detailed instructions on how to use it here. However, we would always recommend that you have the impression done by a dentist.

Grillz are tailor made. This means that everything has to fit 100%. If the impression is not clean, the Grill may not fit perfectly. We would therefore always recommend that you have the impression taken by us or by your dentist.

If you are not quite sure whether the impression is clean, please send us a photo via email and we can take a look. Of course, the impression is less easy to judge from a photo than when it is in front of us, but our assessment is generally very reliable.

As the jaw shifts during growth, we recommend that you wait until you are of legal age to get your Grillz. If you are under 18, we need your parents' consent.

No. Grillz are craftsmanship at the highest level and should be treated as such. So take your grill out of your mouth when eating, smoking, exercising, having sex or sleeping, and keep it in the storage box.

No. Grillz are decorative dental jewelry. For sports, we recommend our professional, customized sports mouthguard. You can find it here.

Depending on how elaborate your Grill, and how busy the dental lab is, the Grill may take 3-4 weeks to sit in your mouth. This is only a rough guide, as no Grill leaves our premises until we are 100% satisfied.

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