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The PrimeGrillz Silicone Kit

With the Silicone Kit from our Shop you can make your dental impression from the comfort of your own home. How well your Grill fits in the end depends above all on a clean impression. That's why we recommend having the impression made by a dentist.

Still want to try? Here's what you need:


Order the PrimeGrillz silicone kit from our shop and get started. The Kit is free when you order any Grill from our shop.


Take out your cell phone and activate the stopwatch. Silicone hardens during mixing, so you are working under time pressure.


Stay calm and relaxed. Watch our tutorial video below a few times before you start. Inhale. Exhale. Get going.

You can order different versions of the Silicone Kit in our Shop.
The only difference between the versions is the number of possible attempts, i.e. how many silicone cups are included.

No. Depending on which kit you have selected in the store, you will have several attempts.
If you get a good impression the first time, you can store the remaining silicone cups in the fridge...
... for your next PrimeGrill.

Grillz are tailor made. This means that everything has to fit 100%.
If the impression is not clean, the grill may not fit properly in the end.
We would therefore always recommend that you have the impression taken by us or by your dentist.
You can find more information here.

If you are not sure whether the imprint is clean, please send us a photo via email.

If you have dentures in the form of a bridge, the silicone kit is probably not for you.
Then you should definitely have the impression made by a dentist.
It can happen that when the mold is removed from the mouth, the bridge sticks to the impression.

According to §321g para. 2 no. 1 BGB, there is no right of withdrawal as your grills are made especially for you.
However, we are happy to make corrections if your grill does not fit perfectly.
Just send us an email to and we will be happy to help you.